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Brazilian Butt Lifts: Kylie Jenner’s Transformation

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As a plastic surgeon, I know very well how a single celebrity’s decisions can set the trends in my practice for months or even years. Perhaps no celebrities illustrate that point more soundly than the Kardashians, the family of dark-haired beauties who are, you might say, “famous for being famous.” But whether it’s a butt lift or breast augmentation, my Albany, NY patients have shown me that the Kardashians’ preferences are often echoed here in my office.

Consider Kylie Jenner, for example. The evolution of her body is something my patients talk about all the time during their consultations. Like most celebrities, Jenner is typically tight-lipped about the work she’s had done. But there’s no denying she’s recently done something to accentuate her bottom.

While people’s bodies certainly change with age and weight gain or loss, it’s my professional opinion that Jenner has most likely undergone some liposuction of her waist in addition to a Brazilian butt lift. This combination packs a one-two punch for showing off curves: Removing fat from the waist already amplifies the appearance of the buttocks, but when you then add that fat back into the buttocks (i.e., a Brazilian butt lift) the effect is even more pronounced.

Collectively, the Kardashians are known for their ample derrieres, and my guess is that they’re on a regular schedule of enhancement. Sometimes the occasional touch-up is necessary to keep our favorite assets looking their best.

What do you think the next big (or small) thing in plastic surgery will be? Share your predictions with me in a comment.

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