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We all have some areas of unwanted fat. For some, it's the belly; for others it's the hips, thighs, or buttocks. This stubborn fat changes our contours and can show both in and out of clothing. For many of us, diet and exercise aren't enough to address these trouble spots. Liposuction in Albany, NY with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore can be the answer. Liposuction is a commonly used method of contouring the body and removing unwanted fat. This safe, effective procedure can sculpt your body to give you the shape you've always wished for.

Dr. Rockmore approaches each procedure with precision and artistic vision to reveal each patient's unique beauty. To get started, request a free consultation using his online form or call his office at (518) 328-3330.

Improvements From Liposuction

Liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment; it works best when there are localized areas of disproportionate fat. It is best if your weight is stable prior to liposuction. The areas Dr. Rockmore treats most often include:

  • Abdomen (often called the belly or stomach)
  • Love handles on the hips
  • Saddlebags on the outer thighs
  • Inner thighs that rub together
  • Knees
  • Back, including bulges around the bra line
  • Male chest
  • Neck
  • Arms

Though these are the most commonly treated areas, almost any area of unwanted fat can be reduced and sculpted. Multiple areas are often treated at one time. Liposuction is also a key part of a Brazilian butt lift, an increasingly popular procedure that uses unwanted fat from other areas of the body to augment the buttocks

How Liposuction Works

During liposuction, Dr. Rockmore inserts a small tube called a cannula beneath the skin and removes the unwanted fat by suction (see image below). Because weight gain is from enlargement of the individual fat cells rather than an increase in the number of fat cells, the removal of the fat cells during liposuction creates permanent results. What used to be a problem area becomes balanced with the rest of the body and is no longer an area to be concealed.

liposuction procedure close up

Liposuction does rely on the skin to contract to fit a new slimmer form. Dr. Rockmore will assess the elasticity of your skin during your consultation to see if it will limit your result. If your skin is overly loose, or lacks elasticity, liposuction can be combined with a procedure that tightens the skin such as a tummy tuck or a thigh lift.

Types of Liposuction

The liposuction procedure has evolved over decades. Today there are enhancements that use advanced technology to make fat removal easier. Here is an overview of some of the types of liposuction.

  • Traditional liposuction is the earliest type of liposuction. It used a rigid cannula that was inserted into a small, well-concealed incision to suction fat from beneath the skin. A vacuum type device created suction through the cannula, allowing fat to be removed and the area carefully sculpted.
  • The tumescent technique involves infusing a large volume of tumescent solution (saline and local anesthetic) into the area containing the fat at the start of the procedure. This process reduces bruising and blood loss and creates a more even contour after the liposuction is done.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) emulsifies the fat prior to its removal by passing ultrasound energy through a small cannula. It combines the ultrasound energy with a traditional suction device to remove fat in the treated area. Initially it was thought that additional skin tightening would result from the ultrasound energy. This has not proven to be effective, and it has additional potential complications not present with other techniques. For that reason, Dr. Rockmore does not advocate UAL for most people.
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) involves a cannula that oscillates, which makes it easier to guide through the tissue and remove the fat. Dr. Rockmore typically combines the tumescent technique with PAL to give patients the best possible results.

Other forms of liposuction are continually being developed in an effort to improve the procedure and the results. Dr. Rockmore stays current with these advances to make the procedure as safe and efficient as possible and provide the most attractive results.

Why Choose Dr. Rockmore for Liposuction

  • Vast experience in liposuction techniques with more than 1,000 body sculpting procedures performed
  • Artistic vision and surgical skill to sculpt your body and enhance your curves
  • On the cutting edge of liposuction advances and one of the first surgeons to introduce power-assisted liposuction to the Albany, NY area

The Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Rockmore performs liposuction in the surgery center near his office. This is a fully accredited center and has all of the safety equipment found in a major hospital. Liposuction is usually performed using general anesthesia provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist. When more limited areas are treated, liposuction can sometimes be done in our office under local anesthesia.

On the day of the procedure, you will meet with Dr. Rockmore and have an opportunity to ask any remaining questions. He will then plan your procedure by drawing on your body with a surgical marking pen (see image below). Afterward, you will be brought to the operating room to have your liposuction procedure.

liposuction pre-procedure markings

When you awaken, you will rest in the recovery room for 1 to 2 hours until you are comfortable and ready to go home. You will need a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for the first night.

Liposuction Recovery

Following your procedure, you will have some swelling and bruising in the treated areas that may also extend to surrounding areas. It is important to walk around the house several times a day starting immediately after surgery, but to keep your activity level low until cleared by Dr. Rockmore.

For the first couple of days after surgery, you may have some discomfort in treated areas that can be controlled with prescription medication.

You will need to avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and bathing in a tub until cleared by Dr. Rockmore.

Compression Garments

Although not used in all cases, a compression garment may be recommended after your procedure. If needed, the garment will be in place after your liposuction procedure; you will need to wear it for about a week. It is important to keep the garment flat and not let creases develop while it is on. You may remove the garment to shower and then replace it afterward.

Getting Back to Normal

Your recovery will depend on the extent of your specific procedure and the rate at which your body heals, but you can expect to return to regular activities as follows:

  • Driving: A couple of days (after you stop taking pain medication)
  • Work: 5 to 7 days
  • Exercise: 2 weeks

Great work, very thorough. My expectations, given the amount of fat in the areas of liposuction, was far less than the results. Dr. Rockmore did an excellent job and exceeded expectations. His personality, demeanor, professionalism and results are what I will base recommendations in the future on.

Read more testimonials from Dr. Rockmore's real patients.

Your Results

After a month, your swelling and bruising should subside and you should start to see your new shape. The skin will continue to gradually tighten over the next several months. Massaging the treated areas will help the recovery process. You will soon be able to buy new clothes and show off your improved figure.

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